With the ongoing rise in COVID19 cases and severe shortage of hospital beds in Pima County, the club has decided to continue our pause on in-person activities.

As soccer people, we are all itching to get back to the game we love but now is not the time. With local shortages of hospital beds and medical workers, we do not want to take the risk of a player getting injured or sick. All city fields and facilities are also closed at this time. We will reevaluate the situation each week but our current expectation is a return to play the week of July 25th.

As you may have heard, we have officially partnered with the elite online soccer training app, Techne Futbol Once your athlete is registered for RSL-AZ Southern Arizona, they will gain access to the platform for FREE. Watch out for emails from your coach and the club for more information on player onboarding.

Please ensure that you are registered for next season. RSLAZSoccer.com/player-registration #signup #register #soccerclub #tucsonsbest #soccerplayer #soccerteam

All club decisions are made with a central focus on player safety. We rely on the best possible information from our state soccer association, county health department and the CDC.