Competitive Fees 2024-25 Season

Financial Aid

At RSL-AZ we will never turn away players that are not able to pay for soccer expenses. Our club offers scholarship programs and other financial aid programs for families that need help paying for soccer expenses. Please visit this page for more information about scholarships and how you can offset the expenses for your child Financial Aid.

Annual Registration

RSL-AZ charges a one-time per seasonal year non-refundable fee of $330. Payment of the Annual Registration Fee must be made at the time your player is offered a roster spot with one of our teams and allows for participation in Club activities. This fee is pro-rated to $225 for any player that joins the club after January 1, 2024.

Club Membership

Annual Club Membership fees are used to compensate our coaching staff. Club membership fees are set by age group and are paid through our payment portal in Byga. We offer various payment plan options. 

Age Group/FormatFormatAnnual Fee
U9 (2016/17)7v7$450
U10 (2015)7v7$540
U11 & U12 (2013/14)9v9$630
U13-U19 (2012 and older)11v11$720

State League/APL and EA/DPL Platforms

Our advanced platforms have an additional platform fee associated with them. These are set on a team-by-team basis depending on the platform and level of play for the team. These fees are used to offset the expenses that the club incurs as part of your team participating in the platform. The fee amount varies from platform to platform depending on the requirements for each platform and goes towards expenses such as league registration, referees, trainers, assigners, required game film, stipend for coaches who travel more than 60 miles for games, and field rentals for hosting home games.

PlatformCovered ExpensesAnnual Fee
State League and APLLeague Registration Fee, Coaching Stipend, Trace or Veo Camera$295
EA and DPLLeague Registration Fee, EA/DPL Showcase, Referee and Assigning Fees, Trainer Fees, Facility Fees for Hosted Games, Trace or Veo Camera$590
* Platform fees will be invoiced separately on a team by team basis

Team Fees

In addition to the club registration, club training fees, and uniform costs, there are team operational expenses for such items as tournament registrations, team overhead, extra field rentals, coach travel expenses, mics. travel expenses, fundraising expenses, etc. These fees will be collected by the manager or coaches and pays for all team expenses.


Our uniforms are a 2 year cycle alternating red and white kits. Uniform ordering is completed and paid for individually online through the website. Before the beginning of the season, you will receive an invite to order your uniform. There will be various uniform options. The cost of the uniform kit is dependent on what players and families choose to order.

Mandatory Uniform Components:

Home Kit (Boys – white jersey, white shorts, white socks, Girls – white jersey, blue shorts, white socks)

Away Kit (Boys and Girls – red jersey, blue shorts, red socks)

Optional Uniform Components:

Backpack, Warmups, Additional socks/shorts/jerseys




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