RSL-AZ Soccer

RSL-AZ Southern Arizona is committed to making soccer available to players all over Tucson and its surrounding areas. You can see that our training sites range from as far south as Sahuarita and Nogales, to the north side of Tucson. RSL-AZ is also invested in building the soccer infrastructure in Tucson. We have already partnered with the city of Tucson to turn Townsend, Doolen and now Booth- Fickett into soccer facilities and safe place parks open to the public. That is the local club’s investment and we are happy to say that Real Salt Lake is planning a multi-million dollar soccer facility right here in Tucson.

For field schedules and openings please contact Nick Vitale or Bel Halouala for Tucson fields and Louis Dachtyl for Sahuarita.

Booth-Fickett Middle School

James Thomas Park

Doolen Middle School

Jacobs/Ochoa Park

Udall Park

Sahuarita High School

Lawrence Park

Anamax Park

Pima College South - Desert Vista

Fruchthendler Elementary School

Menlo Park




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