As of Saturday, May 16th, our state government as well as the soccer association have authorized us to return to training on the field!

Kids’ safety first is our number one priority , and we have issued to following guidelines to ensure maximum safety during this process. 

Please watch the video and read the guidelines here below.

We look forward to seeing you all soon on the fields!



Phase 1: Individual Training

Arizona Soccer Member organizations are permitted to offer individual, non-contact training sessions at the team level for groups of thirty (30) individuals or less, including coaches, adult assistant(s), parents, and players.  RSL AZ will be utilizing safety coordinators at each training site to ensure proper protocols.  RSL AZ is asking that during phase one parents remain in their cars or drop their children off for training. This will increase the amount of space around the fields for social distancing. There will be 15 minutes between training sessions.  Players are not allowed on the field until 5 minutes before the session.  This allows players in the previous session to depart before the next training group arrives.  Coaches are not permitted to go over the allotted one hour training time, this will help ensure the training group will have departed before the next arrives.  Below is an overview of the training program.

Conditioning/Skill Development training sessions may include: 

  • Ball mastery & individual skills
  • Shooting , No Keepers
  • Fitness & functional training 

Individual Training Restrictions: 

  • Limited to 30 or fewer players/coaches
  • Zero tolerance non-contact policy (coach/player or player/player)
  • No spectators allowed 
  • Must maintain social distancing minimum of 10 feet between participants throughout the training
  • Practices will be conducted outdoors 
  • Players with fevers or other symptoms are not permitted to practice 
  • Players/coaches must use hand sanitizer before, during breaks, and after practice
  • Players are not allowed to carpool to and from practice 
  • Players can wear PPEs (masks) when not actively training
  • No Congregating Policy for players or parents in parking lots, at drop off zones, at entrance/exit areas of facility, or before or after the training session

Coach Requirements:  

  • May wear PPEs (masks) 
  • Limit equipment brought to practice, disinfecting all equipment before/after use
  • Do not allow players to share pennies, other equipment, or water bottles  
  • Encourage players to bring their own balls to training 
  • Require parents to confirm their child is symptom-free before attending training 
  • Report confirmed cases of COVID-19 to member organization immediately and cease training
  • Compliance with all local and state guidelines

Helpful Links

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