BREAKING: RSL AZ is excited to announce the merger with Fort Lowell Soccer Club and RSL AZ.


In the last few months our club has partnered with great people and groups all over the state of Arizona and the Southwest.  The merger with Fort Lowell Soccer Club represents an important step in expanding the RSL footprint to Tucson and the Southern Arizona area.

There is a long history of talented players from Tucson playing for RSL and the US National Team. Justin Glad, a RSL starter, is one of the many examples of the talent developed here in Arizona.

Just this year Luis Zasueta, Brandon Sanchez, Daniel Flores, Jayden Westmoreland and Logan McLoughlin from Tucson joined the RSL teams in Japan, at the GA Cup, and in California, at the LA Galaxy Cup.  Young women from Tucson and Southern Arizona will also be playing in our new US Soccer Development Program and Development Players League.

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